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How to Get Rid of Blackheads

3 Leading Causes of Blackheads

3 Blackhead Removal Options

A 3-Step Cure for Blackheads

Exposed™ 3-Step System for Blackheads

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3 Blackhead Removal Options

Waking up to find a blackhead or, worse, a collection of blackheads, is one of the more frustrating emotional aspects of having skin and body parts that insist on producing hair and sweat, as well as going through adolescence - when all of these components seem ripe to cause problems. On the other hand, as infuriating as they may be, blackheads are not so difficult to get rid of, and there are several options to choose from when waging this war.

Professional Assistance

While it is likely unnecessary in the case of common blackheads, there are professionals available to assist with their removal or teach sufferers how to do it safely and effectively. Though the cost will be much higher than other methods, dermatologists and aestheticians can perform deep facial cleansing that have been developed to keep pores clear and free of blackheads (and whiteheads, for that matter). For some people, this extra cost is worth it, as the results are desirable and it is comforting to have a professional leading the way, leaving no doubt that what is being done is correct.

Blackhead Removal Products

There is a wealth of blackhead removal products in just about every supermarket, pharmacy, and beauty shop. Topical retinoid is cream applied to the surface of the skin that helps to remove blackheads, as well as lessen the amount sebum released by the sebaceous glands. There are also peels, or removal masks, which reopen pores and remove any debris that may cause future blockages. Perhaps the most common is the removal strip, a small bit of medicated material that is applied to an affected area for a set amount of time then pulled away, clearing out all the blackheads in its path. Whichever method seems right, there will be a lot of product options from which to choose.

Popping Blackheads

It is actually safe to “pop” blackheads as long as they are not inflamed or infected, and most beauty or healthcare stores will carry a metal extractor made just to perform this task. The best way to go about this procedure is to hold your face above a container of steaming water for a few minutes, so the pores will be as opened as possible. All of the equipment should be clean to make sure nothing becomes infected. It is also important to note that popping inflamed blackheads can cause scars and that using the fingers is not recommended, as it just creates more dirt and clogging around the troublesome area.


Removing blackheads is not difficult, and there are many products available to assist the removal. While there are doctors and other professionals that can help, there are plenty of home remedies that can be tried first. It should also be remembered that blackheads, treated or not, are only temporary and never worth creating a permanent scar. Most importantly, the best and easiest way to remove blackheads altogether is to prevent them from ever forming. This means eating healthily, exercising, staying cleaning and living a stress free life!

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